Toyota Safety Sense

Toyota Safety Sense™ (TSS) is a safety system designed to help protect drivers, passengers and pedestrians and is the culmination of Toyota's innovative history of creating and preventing crashes while protecting people. Toyota Safety Sense, is now standard equipment for mostly all New Toyota models.

The Toyota Safety Sense advanced systems help address the three main accident types: Front-end Collisions, Unintended Lane Departures and Nighttime Accidents. TSS is offered as two packages and is based on vehicle size:

  • Toyota Safety Sense C [TSS-C] - For compact vehicles
  • Toyota Safety Sense P [TSS-P] - For mid to large, premium vehicles

Toyota Safety Sense C [TSS-C]

TSS-C inlcudes:

  • Vehicle Detection - Pre-Collision System (PCS): This safety system helps to prevent collisions that occur in the front of the vehicle.
  • Lane Departure Allert (LDA): This safety system uses an on-board, vehicle camera that is designed to detect your vehicle's position on the road by seeing and detecting the visible white and/or yellow road lane markers in front of the vehicle.
  • Automatic High Beam (AHB): This safety system is designed to help drivers see more of what's ahead without blinding other on-coming drivers. Simply put, AHB enhances road safety during night driving.

Toyota Safety Sense P [TSS-P]

TSS-P inlcudes:

  • The Lane Departure Allert (LDA) includes Steering Assist Function for Electronic Power Steering (EPS) Equipped Models
  • The Pre-Collision System (PCS) along with Vehicle Detection also includes Pedestrian Detection
  • Dynamic Radar Cruise Control

For additional information about Toyota Safety Sense, read the Toyota Safety Sense Brochure, see the Toyota Safety Sense Videos below or complete the contact form.


Pre Collision System

Lane Departure Alert (LDA)

Auto High Beams (ABH)

Dynamic Radar Cruise Control (DRCC)
Toyota Safety Sense Addresses the 3 Most Common Accident Types

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