Toyota Oil Change FAQ

Questions About Our Toyota Oil Change & Services

If you have any questions about our Toyota Service, please Contact Service. The Inver Grove Toyota Service Department is looking forward to serving you.

Q. Do I need an appointment for an oil change?
A. Yes, an appointment is recommended for express services like oil changes, tire rotations and battery replacements. The benefits are faster check in, appointment email confirmation and reminders and reduced wait tile. We also do accept walk-ins.

Q. What hours can I come in for express service?
A. Mon-Thurs 7am to 8pm, Fri. 7am to 3pm and Sat. 8am to 3pm

Q. What are the hours to drop-off and pickup my car?
A. Mon-Thurs 7am to 9pm, Fri. 7am to 6pm and Sat. 8am to 4pm.

Q. Do you have loaner cars?
A. We have a free 2-way shuttle service and low cost rentals available.

Q. What hours does the shuttle operate and how far does it go?
A. The first shuttle leaves at 7:45am Mon-Fri. and the last pickup is 6pm Mon-Thurs and 3pm on Friday. The shuttle does not run on Saturdays. The shuttle runs to a 15 mile radius.

Q. What type of services do you offer on Saturdays?
A. For your convenience, we offer light mechanical and maintenance services on Saturdays. If you need an advanced diagnosis, heavy engine or transmission work or have squeaks and rattles, a weekday appointment with one of our Certified Master Technicians would be recommended.

Q. Can I drop my vehicle after hours?
A. Yes, there is an envelope box to the right of the service entrance doors. Park your vehicle in the numbered parking area. Complete the envelope, put your keys inside and drop it in the slot. Call (651) 306-4698 the next business day to confirm receipt of your keys.

Q. Do you have a towing service?
A. Yes, you can call Kremer towing at 651-455-1604 or Marks towing at 1-866-971-1456.

Q. Do you do body repair and painting?
A. Our authorized body-shops are Heppner’s Auto Body in Inver Grove Heights 651-455-7920 and Lehman’s Garage in Eagan 651-454-1120.

Q. Do you replace broken or cracked windshields?
A. Our authorized glass repair shop is Abra Auto Glass. 612-328-3107.

Q. Do you have free Wi-Fi available?
A. Yes, we have free Wi-Fi in the customer lounge and in our cafe area.

When to Change Oil

Q. What approach to oil changes is just right? What is your take on this?
Three guys in my neighborhood all have cars less than 10 years old. The first changes his oil and filter every three months with conventional oil, no matter what the mileage is. The second changes his oil and filter every six months, no matter what the mileage is, with synthetic oil. The third changes just the filter every three months and tops off the oil with conventional oil. He says the viscosity is what’s most important, not the new oil. They all claim that they are keeping these cars as long as possible.

A. Don’t buy the third guy’s vehicle! The primary reason motor oil needs to be changed is simple: Contamination. Oil filters are limited to roughly 10- to 15-micron filtration to ensure proper oil flow on cold starts. Soluble contaminants like fuel, water, and combustion acids are not trapped by the oil filter; they are held in suspension in the oil. Varnish and sludge, products of oxidation, can be trapped in the filter and form deposits inside the engine. Throughout the normal service life of conventional motor oil, the viscosity tends to thicken due to heat and oxidation burning off the lighter, more volatile components in the oil. Synthetic oils offer real benefits, including less oxidation and sludge and little to no change in viscosity over the lubricant’s service life, but the soluble contaminants still remain in the oil until it is changed. And yes, today’s engines — with modern materials, high-tech design and engineering, more accurate machining and manufacturing and very precise engine management – put fewer contaminants into the oil. On top of that, today’s motor oils, both conventional and synthetic, are far better-quality lubricants than “back in the day.” This combination is what allows carmakers to suggest longer oil-change intervals and use oil-service monitors to identify when it’s time to change oil.

OK, now to our three vehicle owners. The first, unless he’s putting on more than 4,000 to 6,000 miles every three months, is probably changing oil more frequently than necessary.

The second, assuming average driving of 8,000 to 12,000 miles in six months is pushing the envelope, even with the use of synthetic oil. Even if an oil service monitor system allows this, I’m not comfortable. Besides, the cost of oil and filter changes, even with synthetic oil, is a tiny fraction of the overall cost of owning, operating, servicing, repairing, licensing, insuring and driving a motor vehicle. Remember, the vehicle is yours — better safe than sorry. The third guy, who just changes the filter and tops up the oil? He should be arrested by the motor-oil police, charged with vehicular engine abuse and sentenced to changing the oil on the other two guys’ vehicles for at least a year. On top of that, his vehicle should be forced to carry an “engine abuser” logo permanently painted onto both front fenders.

Additional Q & A

Q. How do I know which oil to use in my Toyota?
A. Refer to your owner’s manual or look at the top of your oil cap. If the oil cap says “0W20”, synthetic oil is required. If it says “5W20” or “5W30”, the engine is certified for conventional oil use

Q. My owners’ manual says I can use 0W20 or 5W20, which is the better choice?
A. 0W20 synthetic oil is the best choice for maximum fuel economy and for the best starting performance in cold weather.

Q. How much does it cost for an oil change with synthetic oil.
A. Using synthetic oil will add about $20.00 to the cost of a regular oil change

Q. My Toyota uses conventional oil, how often should I change it?
A. You should change your oil and filter and rotate your tires every 5,000 miles or 6 months whichever comes first.

Q. My Toyota uses synthetic oil, how often should I change it?
A. Use the following intervals for vehicles with synthetic oils:

  • 5,000 miles or 6 months interval for vehicles that make frequent trips at below 32 degrees Fahrenheit, drive on dirty or dusty roads, tow a trailer or use a car-top carrier, carry heavy loads or do extensive idling.
  • 10,000 miles or 1-year interval for vehicles that are operated under normal driving conditions that do not include any of the items listed above.

Q. What brand of oil should I use?
A. Most major brands of oils today meet or exceed Toyota’s requirements. Specifically, the oil should meet or exceed the current API (American Petroleum Institute) rating of “SM”. This will be marked on the bottle.

Q. What brand oil do use at Inver Grove Toyota?
A. Our conventional 5W20 and 5W30 oil is made by Chevron and our 0W20 synthetic oil is the Eneos brand made by the Nippon oil company. This is the factory fill oil brand used in all new Toyota’s.